Sandi Metz best practise advices about application design

1) If you do design too early, you’ll waste your efforts.

2) If you never do design, your code will become a painful mess.

3) A time will come when investing in design will save you money.

4) Simple procedures require little design and are cheap to maintain.

5) Procedures become more complex over time, and more expensive to maintain.

6) Object-oriented code is more cost-effective than complex procedural code.

7) The procedures that are most important to your domain change more than those that are incidental to your domain.

8) The procedures that are important to your domain increase in complexity faster than other code.

9) It’s difficult to be aware of the exact moment when your application crosses the design payoff line.

10) You become aware that you have passed the design payoff line because velocity slows and suffering increases.

11) The most important code will be the most out-of-control by the time you realize you’ve passed the design payoff line.

12) Moderately complex procedures are easy to convert to OO.

13) Extremely complex procedures are more difficult to convert to OO.

14) Your attempts to convert moderately complicated procedures to OO generally succeed.

15) Your attempts to convert extremely complicated procedures to OO often fail.

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